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Trusted Condo Managers

Through investment in our people, process, technology we will deliver ‎unparalleled customer service and advice to our clients; allowing condominium board members the peace of mind to enjoy both condo living and investment.

The Converge Advantage


Condo management is a people business. That is why our condo managers share a true desire to provide the highest level of customer service to our clients. We are committed to investing in our people to ensure they have the skills and knowledge in order to best deal with the challenges that our condo corporation face.  Our team also includes in-house accounting and insurance expertise.


By integrating best practices and implementing formal documented processes and procedures into our model, this establishes set standards for our clients. Not only does this remove any unpredictability of actions but also, clients are not having to rebuild their processes any time there may be a change.  We understand that boards are volunteers, and their time is best spent enjoying condo living and knowing that their investment is being managed effectively.


Condo management is inherently heavy administratively. We have built our own technology solutions so that these tasks are managed appropriately. We take the time to analyze and optimize such technology so that it works for our processes just as much as it does for our client condo corporation. The time saved is turned around and put back into where it should be spent - with our clients and servicing their needs.

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