Condo Living and COVID-19 - What you need to know.

It's a chaotic time for everyone. It is particularly challenging when living in a condo when you're trying to practice social distancing or in self isolation. If you haven't already, consider the following that are unique to condo living:

Increased Touch Point Sanitation

You should have seen an increase in the frequency in which common touch points in the common areas are cleaned including door handles, railings and elevator buttons.

Delayed or Online Board Meetings

With the availability of technology that enables online meetings, Boards are able to continue board meetings as normal or business conducted by email.

Delayed or Cancelled General Meetings

General meetings may be cancelled or delayed this year as another means to protect residents from being in a large group together.

Elevator Protocols

The number of individuals in an elevator may be decreased.

Amenities Rooms Closures

Social rooms, guest suites, fitness rooms, etc may be closed to further protect residents.

Cancellation of Non-essential Maintenance

Services such as in-suite fire inspections and parkade cleanings may be cancelled.


Many residents are now working from home and/or dealing with kids that are out of school. This may increase the noise levels day to day.

Financial Hardship

Condo fees continue as normal. Unlike financial institutions, Condo Corporations generally do not have the ability to sustain operating costs without contributions for an extended period of time. Some relief may be available depending on the financial position of the Corporation.

Stay safe everyone.

Converge Condo Management.